Sacred Symbols 5D Sticker Collection

Sacred Symbols 5D Sticker Collection

5D Street Sticker Collection


Sacred symbols contain infinite universal information that awakens one's consciousness upon seeing it. Sacred geometry is known to raise the vibration of its surrounding environment and bring harmony to all who are near. Each sticker contains a message of peace, enlightenment, and universal knowledge for all who are ready to receive.


5D Street Sticker Collection Includes:

• (18) Seed of Life / Flower of Life

• (1) iChing / Ying & Yang / Tao Te Ching

• (2) Rainbow Body Enlightenment Tibetan "Ah" Symbol

• (1) Great Solar Flash

• (3) 5D Awakening Consciousness Logo


Apply these stickers in public spaces around the world to help raise the vibration and awaken the collective consciousness of humanity (Street posts, subways, restaurant menus, street ads, elevators).


• 1 Sticker Sheet - 25 stickers

• 5.8 x 8.3 in (14.8 x 21 cm)

• Paper sticker w/ glossy finish

• Designed by Art House



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