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In Platonic Solids We Trust Poster 18x24


Great Awakening Map Shop is a boutique offering art and design objects for awakening humanity into 5D Earth.

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Ascension, Consciousness, Q Anon, Secret Space Program, Full Disclosure, Sacred Geometry, Rainbow Body, Psychedelics, Meditation, Dzogchen, Great Solar Flash, Space Force, Metaphysics, Crystals, WWG1WGA.

Designed by Art House

In Platonic Solids We Trust Poster 18x24


In Platonic Solids We Trust Poster 18x24

20.00 25.00

God is in the Geometry

In Platonic Solids We Trust. Sacred Keys to the Universe.

Why trust anything else?

FIRE - 4 Sided - Tetrahedron
EARTH - 6 Sided - Cube Hexahedron
AIR - 8 Sided - Octahedron
UNIVERSE - 12 Sided - Dodecahedron
WATER - 20 Sided - Icosahedron

  • 18x24 in.

  • Matte Finish

  • Museum Quality Archival Print

  • Designed by Art House

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