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Your inquiry into the Great Awakening Map is playing a direct role in the greatest Consciousness Renaissance in human history.

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Great Awakening Map Poster V10 A New Dawn 18x24


Great Awakening Map Shop is a boutique offering art and design objects for awakening humanity into 5D Earth.

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Ascension, Consciousness, Q Anon, Secret Space Program, Full Disclosure, Sacred Geometry, Rainbow Body, Psychedelics, Meditation, Dzogchen, Great Solar Flash, Space Force, Metaphysics, Crystals, WWG1WGA.

Designed by Art House

Great Awakening Map Poster V10 A New Dawn 18x24


Great Awakening Map Poster V10 A New Dawn 18x24

25.00 30.00

A New Dawn Edition V10

The Great Awakening Map is the quintessential red-pill navigational chart for Escaping the Matrix and Returning to Source.

The map has been spotted on 8chan and has played a vital role in The Great Awakening across the entire globe.

Portion of all proceeds go toward financially assisting key Whistleblowers from the Secret Space Program.

  • 18x24 in.

  • A New Dawn Edition V10

  • Matte Finish

  • Museum Quality Archival Print

  • Designed by Art House

  • Professionally rolled and safely shipped in an indestructible, cardboard tube

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